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The following companies have indicated that they provide paints and or coatings recycling services.
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Vendors Matching Your Search Criteria

Chemical Solvents, Inc Phone: (216) 741-9310
3751 Jennings Road Fax: (216) 459-0737
Cleveland, OH 44109
Contact: Timothy McNeilly
Web Site:
Service Area: Eastern, Midwest and Southeastern United States. Materials: Various solvents, used oils; Water/Solvent/Oil-Based Paint Wastes

ECOFLO, Inc. Phone: (336) 855-7925
2750 Patterson Street Fax: (336) 855-4137
Greensboro, NC 27407
Contact: Robert Davis
Web Site:
Service Area: Eastern, East Coast, Southeastern, United States. Materials: Paint and oil wastes

Environmental Enterprises Inc Phone: (513) 772-2818
4650 Spring Grove Avenue Fax: (513) 782-8950
Cincinnati, OH 45232
Contact: Debra Wiggins
Web Site:

Habitat for Humanity Phone: (614) 267-7778
3529 Cleveland Ave Fax: (614) 267-6655
Columbus, OH 43224
Web Site:
Accepts paint for re-use.

Heritage Environmental Services, Inc. Phone: (704) 392-6276
4132 Pampano Road Fax: (704) 391-4513
Charlotte, NC 28216
Contact: Jason Holloway
Web Site:
Materials: Solvents, used oils, Water/Solvent/Oil-Based Paint Wastes

Heritage-Crystal Clean, LLC Phone: (877) 938-7948
2175 Point Blvd, Suite 375
Elgin, IL 60123-9211
Contact: Catherine McCord
Web Site:
Branches in Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Martins Ferry. Also provides service to Ohio customers from outside the state.

Hukill Chemical Corporation Phone: (440) 232-9400
7013 Krick Road Fax: (440) 232-9477
Bedford, OH 44146
Contact: John Hukill or Mike Mraz
Web Site:
Service Area: Midwest, Eastern, Southeastern, Central & South-central United States; areas of Canada. Materials: Solvents, water/sil/solvent-based paint wastes

Onyx Environmental Services Phone: (937) 859-6101
4301 Infirmary Road Fax: (937) 859-4671
West Carrollton, OH 45449
Web Site:

Recycled Paints, Inc. Phone: (704) 896-7300
216 Eden Street Fax: (704) 896-7300
P.O. Box 1845
Davidson, NC 28036-1845
Contact: Todd Elliott
Materials: Oil/Solvent/Water-Based Paint Wastes

Rice Oil & Environmental, a CRADLE-to-GRAVE Company Phone: (330) 376-4157
677 Miami Street (800) 589-7423
Akron, OH 44311
Contact: Karen
Web Site:
Used Oil, Oily Water, Non-Haz Waste Water, Used Antifreeze, Used Oil Filters, Non-Haz Solids, Paint Waste, Contaminated Gasoline/Diesel Fuel, Fluorescent Lamps/Bulbs, Ballasts, Batteries and more.

Southeastern Chemical Company- OMNI Phone: (803) 773-1400
755 Industrial Road
P.O. Box 1755
Sumter, SC 29151
Contact: Harold Talbert
Service Area: Eastern United States. Materials: Paint wastes; other wastes

Systech Environmental Corporation Phone: (937) 643-1240
3085 Woodman Drive, Suite 300 Fax: (937) 643-1203
Dayton, OH 45420
Contact: Erica L. Hawk
Web Site:
Materials: Oil/Solvent-Based Paint Wastes

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